Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

At Wizard Car Repairs, we provide a house & mobile alloy wheel refurbishment and repair service. Whether cracked, scuffed, dented, corroded or suffering from any other type of damage, we come to you and can repair light damaged wheels or for excessive damage, we take your wheels away and bring them back looking shiny and new!  We repair for all makes of cars and have an extensive expertise in alloy wheel refurbishment. From high performance and luxury cars through to classic cars, camper vans and every day cars and vans. Our prices are very competitive and quality of workmanship comes as standard. If you are looking for a Alloy Refurb, feel free to contact us.

– Standard Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

The standard alloy wheel car refurbishment process starts by thoroughly cleaning the alloys using specialist equipment,  which ensures all dirt, tar and grit is removed in preparation for refurbishment. Kerbed, scuffed, scratched and corrosion damage is subsequently removed and then your chosen colour is matched and applied using high quality paints, primers and lacquers. Once dry, specialist lacquer is applied to complete the desired finish and to add a layer of protection.

– Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels

Diamond cutting offers a beautiful, gleaming finish to your alloy wheels. The process involves cleaning your alloys using specialist alloy wheel equipment, which completely removes all dirt, tar and grime. Once clean, the surface of the wheel is polished which leaves a shiny, smooth finish. The process is completed by coating the rim with a scratch proof lacquer to protect your wheels.

– Custom Finish / Bespoke Alloy Wheels

When it comes to customising your alloy wheels, Wizard Car Repairs believes there are no limits. We, therefore, aim to push the boundaries of design to meet the specific taste and style of our individual customers. Our Technicians possess the skills to apply an extensive range of specialist paint finishes, effects and customising techniques to match or compliment your vehicle. Whatever you have in mind, we’ll bring your ideas to life. Alternatively, if you’re unsure as to what you want, our Professional Technicians will be happy to provide you with help and advice as to what would suit your vehicle.

We provide complete wheel refurbishment and repair services for all types of wheels from 12 – 26 inches including:

  • Refurbishment
  • Repair
  • Straightening & Balancing
  • Welding
  • Cracked
  • Split Rims
  • Diamond Cut
  • Motorbike Wheels
  • Different Finishes & Colours Available

Prices Start From £65 Per Wheel

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